CryptoCurrency Regulations in the UK

As more and more people have decided that they want to invest in cryptocurrencies, they have also attracted the scrutiny from a range of regulators. They are interested in how the cryptocurrencies could be used a speculative instruments and hence should have some sort of regulations. We all know about the fact that the SEC

Which Altcoins to Invest In

We all know about the record breaking highs that Bitcoin is going through currently. This could be as a result of the CME that announced that it will now include Bitcoin futures, or it could be people trying to get in before the hardfork. It could indeed be both. Yet, as everyone is focusing on

Milestone for Bitcoin as Futures Markets Open Up

No matter what some such as Jamie Dimon at JP Morgan may think of Bitcoin, it is indeed here to stay. The CME has just announced that they will be introducing Bitcoin futures in the next few weeks which will allow traders to hedge their risk to market events. This also comes a just over

What to consider when purchasing a hardware wallet

Keeping your capital safe and secured has always been a focal point when it comes to cryptocurrency trading and investing. And for a while now people have been using digital wallets to help them in protecting their cryptocurrency so to speak. But the above wallets are usually software wallets and will now and then have

Blockchain & Prediction Markets

Rising cryptocurrency trends and improved blockchain technology are creating new opportunities for financial gain in many different ways. The lasted popular method to gain reward from the growing blockchain and volatile markets are the Prediction market. Prediction markets provide people the opportunity to buy and sell event contracts with the sole purpose to make a

Increasing number of crypto hedge funds, a closer look

When cryptocurrency started to have such a huge impact on the market a lot of financial sectors had their doubts and were a little sceptic. But with Bitcoin breaking record after record everyone is starting to see that this cryptocurrency rise isn’t temporary, but a permanent thing. So it isn’t a surprise to see hedge

How Bitcoin forks impact on the price

November is upon us and from traders to investors, all are waiting in curiosity to see what the big Bitcoin fork of November has install for us. It’s clear that prices will be affected tremendously and the market will show it, but how big of an impact will the fork actually have. A recent split

How to avoid cryptocurrency phishing scams

With all good things, there is always something bad tagging along. With the increase in Bitcoin value and investors rushing to join the cryptocurrency market it’s expected that criminal activities would also begin to increase. One of the new criminal threats traders and investors are worried about is the huge number of scams out there.