About SH Linux – The Crypto Developers Tool

As developers in today’s markets, one of the most profitable careers that one can go into is blockchain development and cryptocurrencies. As the demand for these goods increase so too does the demand for developers who can handle them.

This is what SH Linux is trying to target. We want to help developers by equipping them with the tools that they require in order to not only understand the technology behind cryptocurrencies but to also actively craft a career in this field.

Cryptocurrency development requires knowledge of a programming language. Some of the most well-known crypto coins use languages such as C++, Python and Solidity. Solidity is a language that is much like JavaScript and is used in Ethereum smart contracts.

If developers have an understanding of these contracts then they are able to develop for blockchain projects. At Sh Linux, we will be providing weekly development guidelines as well as the latest news and information from the blockchain arena.

We are also here to help new developers get into the market and improve their skills. We have connections with some of the most important blockchain companies and startups. They regularly post jobs on the SH Linux job board.

If you would like to get more information or would like to ask for the latest break down of the development jobs on the market then you can email us at info@sh-linux.org