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CryptoCurrency Regulations in the UK

As more and more people have decided that they want to invest in cryptocurrencies, they have also attracted the scrutiny from a range of regulators. They are interested in how the cryptocurrencies could be used a speculative instruments and hence should have some sort of regulations. We all know about the fact that the SEC

Increasing number of crypto hedge funds, a closer look

When cryptocurrency started to have such a huge impact on the market a lot of financial sectors had their doubts and were a little sceptic. But with Bitcoin breaking record after record everyone is starting to see that this cryptocurrency rise isn’t temporary, but a permanent thing. So it isn’t a surprise to see hedge

How to avoid cryptocurrency phishing scams

With all good things, there is always something bad tagging along. With the increase in Bitcoin value and investors rushing to join the cryptocurrency market it’s expected that criminal activities would also begin to increase. One of the new criminal threats traders and investors are worried about is the huge number of scams out there.